Thursday 6 December 2018, 6-8pm in SWB20, KCL Strand Campus

The Fate of Frankenstein

A roundtable discussion on two centuries of Frankenstein adaptations, featuring:

Alexis Chema (English, Chicago); Sarah Hibberd (Music, Bristol); Tessa Kilgarriff (Assistant Curator, the Watts Gallery); Jo McDonagh (English, Chicago); chaired by James Grande (English, KCL)

Among other things, we’ll be discussing:

Louis James, ‘Frankenstein’s Monster in Two Traditions’, in Frankenstein, Creation and Monstrosity, ed. Stephen Bann (London: Reaktion Books,1994), 77-94

and these four short extracts from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (one chosen by each panellist).


Please do come along! All welcome; refreshments will be served.

To find SWB20 from Strand reception: walk through the security gates and simply keep going in a straight line down the main corridor. You’ll pass the Great Hall on the left and the grand staircase on your right; and you’ll pass through several sets of double doors. When you’ve descended a couple of steps and can walk no further in the same direction, you should be standing outside SWB20.