Thursday 28 March 2019, 6-8pm

Virginia Woolf Building, VWB 6.01


Oskar Cox Jensen (QMUL) and Joanna Hofer-Robinson (UCC), ‘Docks, Ships and Shows: Maritime Cityscapes and Spectacle’

All welcome; please pass on the details to interested colleagues and students. Texts and images are available for download below.

Jennifer L. Roberts’ Transporting Visions, Chapter 1, ‘Dilemmas of Delivery in Copley’s Atlantic’

Hippolyte Taine, Notes on England (1872), Chapter 1, ‘Boulogne to London Bridge’, 1–8, (1885 translation) [optional further reading]

Whistler, ‘Limehouse’ (1859); more details here

The Accurate Dimensions of the Nelson (London, 1814); more details here


HMS Nelson