SHOWS OF LONDON: The Mono-Poly Symposium.  Friday 26th May 2-6pm

Lecture Theatre  K 3.11. KCL Strand Campus

Speakers:  Nicholas Gaskill (Rutgers); James Grande (KCL); Michael Ledger-Lomas (KCL); Josephine McDonagh (KCL); Lynda Nead (Birkbeck); Charlotte Ribeyrol (Oxford);  Jonathan Sachs (Concordia University); Arman Schwartz (Birmingham); John Stokes (KCL); Jessica Valdez (Hong Kong University)


Dudley Cleaver, The Handel Festival at the Crystal Palace.  Victoria and Albert Museum


There will be a reception following the symposium in SWB20

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Mono Poly Symposium Programme

All are welcome.

MONO-POLY is a series of discussions organized by Flora Willson ( and Josephine McDonagh (


 Jacques-Ignace Hittorff, L’Architecture polychrôme chez les Grecs (Paris, 1851).

In this series we will consider the reach and significance of the taxonomy of mono versus poly – one versus many– in nineteenth-century thinking and cultural forms. From monochromy to monodrama, from polytheism to polygenesis, monomania, monodies, and monosyllables, mono/poly seems to pervade all kinds of intellectual and cultural production. The questions we will address include: was this emphasis on one and many new for the nineteenth century, or were earlier periods similarly drawn to its organisational potential? Is there any significant symmetry between the diverse formations of mono and poly? Or are they independent and self contained? And how might the discursive formation of mono/poly relate to the question of the individual and the crowd (if at all)? Finally, does mono/poly offer an alternative way to make meaningful connections across diverse cultural forms in the nineteenth century and disciplinary boundaries in the twenty-first?

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