Thursday 8 November 2018, 6-8pm in SWB20, KCL Strand Campus

Energy and Exhaustion: Entropy in the Work of Tennyson, Evelyn De Morgan, and H.G. Wells

A session led by Emma Merkling (Courtauld) and Melissa Dickson (Birmingham)

Alongside the usual refreshments and long-nineteenth-century conviviality, we’ll be discussing:

Barri J. Gold, “The Consolation of Physics: Tennyson’s Thermodynamic Solution”, PMLA 117/3 (May, 2002), 449–64

Melissa Dickson, “Bringing Them Up To Speed: Nineteenth-Century Nervous Systems and Cultural Fantasies of Adaptation” [proof manuscript: please email to request a copy]

Alfred Tennyson, “God and the Universe”


Evelyn De Morgan, The Undiscovered Country (1894)

Please do come along! All welcome.

To find SWB20 from Strand reception: walk through the security gates and simply keep going in a straight line down the main corridor. You’ll pass the Great Hall on the left and the grand staircase on your right; and you’ll pass through several sets of double doors. When you’ve descended a couple of steps and can walk no further in the same direction, you should be standing outside SWB20.