Autumn 2017


First Session

16th November at 6 PM:   ‘Minding the Middle’

Presenters: Laura Tunbridge (Oxford) and Wiebke Thormählen (Royal College of Music)


Juliette Atkinson, ‘The Most Thrilling and Fascinating Book of the Century: Marketing Gustave Flaubert in Late Nineteenth-century England’, in Transitions in Middlebrow Writing, 1880-1930, ed. Kate Macdonald and Christoph Singer (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), 163-182

Juliette Atkinson

Ruth A. Solie, ‘“Girling” at the Parlour Piano’ in Music in Other Words (University of California Press, 2004), 85-117 *please read pp. 85-97 and 108-10*

Ruth Solie

Christina Bashford, ‘Historiography and Invisible Musics: Domestic Chamber Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain’, Journal of the American Musicological Society 63/2 (2010), 291-360 *please read pp. 291-4 and 304-13*

Christina Bashford

Venue: KCL Music Department, Strand Campus, SWB20