Spring 2018


Fifth Session

Thursday 10th May, 6-8pm, KCL Music Department, Strand Campus, SWB20

1851/1951: A Roundtable on Mid-Centuries

With contributions from George Legg (KCL, Liberal Arts), Ayla Lepine (Essex, Philosophy and Art History), Roger Parker (KCL, Music) and Patrick Wright (KCL, English); chaired by FloraWillson (KCL, Music)

Please join us for a discussion of the significance of, questions raised and symbolic work done by the idea of the middle of the century.

As further provocation, we’ll also discuss Eric Hayot’s article ‘Against Periodization; or, On Institutional Time’ from New Literary History 42/4 (2011), 739-56.

Hayot_Against Periodization