Thursday 7 February 2019, 6-8pm

Virginia Woolf Building (22 Kingsway), VWB 6.01

William Fitzgerald (Classics, KCL), ‘The Aesthetics of Neoclassicism’

A discussion of William Fitzgerald’s forthcoming book. Please email for the pre-circulated reading, about which William writes…

This is the introductory chapter of my more or less completed manuscript, ‘The Aesthetics of Neoclassicism: Love, Hate and Antiquity’. The manuscript explores the aesthetic dimension of several relationships: Neoclassicism’s to antiquity; ours to Neoclassicism and, through it, to antiquity; and Neoclassicism’s to Modernism. It ranges over a number of media (drawing/engraving, sculpture, painting, poetry, music) to consider the presence of antiquity in its oscillation between source of inspiration and realm of the living dead. The chapter is quite long, but pages 1-13 and 44-50 present the kernel. Section headings can be used for browsing.

flaxman, iliad 1795, combat scene

Please do come along! All welcome; refreshments will be served.